Drawing of Layers for Commercial Buildings using CAD technology

Whether you are using handmade technical drawings or computer aided designs, drawing of layers is necessary in construction designing procedure. Actually it will help you to get details like heating and cooling ductwork, plumbing lines and electrical wiring.

You have to simply follow the steps being given below:

First you have take decision how you are going to make the designs. You either use CAD drawing applications or make the designing layers by hand. You must adopt the technique of using 3D CAD drafting models and layer design for your commercial building.

Then you have to make designing of commercial buildings with the help of tracing paper as well as pen. Initially you have to create 2D designs by outlining the basic construction of the foundation of the commercial building, wall studs as well as other structural supports. If you want you have the option of placing a 2nd piece of tracing paper over the first, so that you can observe the primary designing without hassles.

The next thing is that as a good designing guide you can easily make the drawing to mark the position where ductwork runs from heating as well as cooling systems right into the rooms of the building.

You can even create more from AutoCAD drawings. You have to layer another piece of tracing paper over the 1st as well as 2nd drawing. Draft where the plumbing pipes will run with the available room, while avoiding the ductwork in the second design. You have to make several tracing layers both for electrical wiring as well as exclusive architectural designing. In addition you can also change the drawings in order to put up all the essential designing components.


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Architecture BIM

Architecture BIM

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